We Accept Patient With:

 approved hours under Medical - IHO (IN-HOME-OPERATION)

Waiver Program (LVN's/CHHA).

Patients with special needs:



              Ventilator Dependent

Provided Directly

  • Skilled Nursing: RN's and LVN's

Professional registered nurses/licensed vocational nurses provide treatments, assess changes and  supervise the core of the patient. An emphasis is placed on patient and family instruction to promote maximum self-care.

  • Home Health Aid:

A qualified home health aide will assist with care as directed by and under a supervision of a registered nurse.

Provided by Arrangement

  • Physical Therapy

Is used to help patient regain strength,endurance, and coordination. Services provide include heat, massage, ultrasound, and special excercises as prescribed bythe doctor.

  • Occupational Therapy

Provides activities and excersises designed to help the patient resume self-care and normal daily care.

  • Speech Therapy

Involves treatment that helps the patient with speaking, hearing and language problems. Speech therapy, for example, may be necessary for a stroke victim who needs help in regaining the ability to talk or speak clearly again.

  • Dietary Services and Nutritional Counseling


  • Medical Social Services

A service needed to assess and remedy social environment, and emotional factors which relate to the patient's health problems. Community resources can be utilized for patient's adjustments and rehabilitation.